Our History

    I began as an employee of Chucks in 1996. I purchased this business in order to keep providing great parts at great  prices to the Amarillo Area. 

    This building was originally Underwood's Bar-B-Q in the 1950's. Then Underwood's Moved to Amarillo Blvd and Polk Street.

    In 1960, R.J "Bob" Lee purchased this building to  open Texas' one and only "Big Texan Steak House" on the historic "Route  66"! In the 1970's, I-40 was announced as the new mainstream highway  through the Texas Panhandle and Bob moved his restaurant to I-40.  Sometime in the 80's Charles "Chuck" Collins purchased the property and  opened Chucks Mobile Home and RV Supply. Then in 1999 Chuck passed away  and I, Don Logan, purchased the business and building and the name from  his wife.